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Textured Area Rugs

Textured Rugs: Looking for the perfect textured area rug to complete your room? Choose from our large selection and customize to your needs.

Textured Area Rugs

Textured rugs add some fun to any room. From browns to whites, complement your furniture with a calm and happy wool textured rug. Feel the difference visually with a modern look or physically with a wool feel, with a textured area rug.

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Sail On Tuscan Sun

Melrose Umbar

Melrose Ivory

Melrose Ecru

Melrose Coal

Donnington Lamborne

Donnington Banfield

Marina Capri Champagne

Marina Capri Oyster

Marina Ibiza Champagne

Marina Ibiza Oyster

Marina St. Tropez Champagne

Sunburst Sweet Breeze

Sunburst Summertime

Sunburst Morning Sky

Sunburst Bouquet

What If Ostara

What If Magnolia

What If Firefly

What If Burlwood

What If Breeze

Natural Spaces Creek Bed

Natural Spaces Bark

Natural Spaces Acorn

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