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Striped Rugs

From subtly abstract to regimental, our striped rugs command attention. Make your next rug a striped rug.

Striped Rugs

Be trendy with a striped pattered rug. Go bold with thick stripes or laid-back with thin stripes. This simple pattern adds intricacies to a room, but in a subtle way that brings everything together.

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Retro Lenox Tan

Retro Midtown Grey

Retro Woodstock

Trend Lenox Tan

Trend Midtown Grey

Trend Woodstock

Del Sur Vintage Gold

Del Sur Crushed Ice

Del Sur Blue Agave

Del Sur Cameo

Del Sur Cashmere Sweater

Del Sur Chinchilla

Del Sur Cinnamon Stick

Del Sur Dolphin

Del Sur Ivory Oats

Del Sur Skyline Steel

Del Sur Spiced Berry

Del Sur Urban Putty

Del Sur Verona Beach

La Sirena Skyline Steel

La Sirena Blue Agave

La Sirena Cameo

La Sirena Cashmere Sweater

La Sirena Chinchilla

La Sirena Cinnamon Stick

La Sirena Crushed Ice

La Sirena Dolphin

La Sirena Ivory Oats

La Sirena Spiced Berry

La Sirena Urban Putty

La Sirena Verona Beach

La Sirena Vintage Gold

Woven Grassland Golden Straw

Woven Grassland Cracked Reed

Wool Tones Stripe Beige

Wool Tones Stripe Chocolate

Wool Tones Stripe Ivory

Wool Tones Stripe Oatmeal

Wool Tones Stripe Steel Grey

Auburn Stripe Greystone Black

Auburn Stripe Ivory Greystone

Auburn Stripe Latte Mocha

Catalpa Oatmeal Taupe

Catalpa Steel Grey Ivory

Catalpa Steel Grey Taupe

Catalpa Wheat Barley

Juniper Beige

Juniper Ivory

Juniper Oatmeal