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Berber Area Rugs

For a slightly casual, still luxurious look in an area rug, look at these berber rugs. Well-wearing and good looking, you'll find a berber area rug to suit your room.

Berber Area Rugs

For a spontaneous look, a looped area rug is the perfect addition. From neutral solids to fun pastel patterns to more elegant designs, a berber area rug can suit any room. Find your perfect rug in our plethora of choices.

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Sail On Whisper

Sail On Warm Mink

Sail On Tuscan Sun

Alfa Linen

Alfa Beige

Alfa Dusk

Alfa Brown

Melrose Umbar

Melrose Ivory

Melrose Ecru

Melrose Coal

Donnington Lamborne

Donnington Banfield

Tangier Tangine

Tangier Mosaic

Tangier Limbara

Zanzibar Impressions Sea Spray

Zanzibar Impressions Rush

Zanzibar Impressions Rattan

Zanzibar Impressions Hemp

Zanzibar Impressions Elm

Zanzibar Impressions Driftwood

Zanzibar Impressions Cypress

Zanzibar Impressions Bombay

Agave Reflections Rattan

Agave Reflections Elm

Nibbana Wildflower

Nibbana Valley

Nibbana Shalimar

Nibbana Setting Sun

Nibbana Ridge

Nibbana Pine Forest

Nibbana Peak

Nibbana Glacier

Bond Street Vanilla

Bond Street Sand

Bond Street Mustang

Bond Street Bamboo

Sunsation Summertime

Sunsation Sweet Breeze

Sunsation Melody

Sunsation Morning Sky

Sunsation French Garden

Sunsation Bouquet

Sunburst Sweet Breeze

Sunburst Summertime

Sunburst Morning Sky

Sunburst Bouquet

San Marco Square Terrace Sage