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Trellis Area Rug & Lattice Pattern Area Rugs

Trellis & Lattice Pattern Area Rugs

Subtle or strong, always charming, there is nothing quite like a lattice or trellis area rug. A lovely addition to any room, choose a trellis or lattice area rug. Neutrals, blues, greys and greens, find a lattice pattern rug or a trellis pattern rug that appeals to you. Take a peek and think about where you could put one...

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Solitaire Ash Grey
Solitaire Birch
Solitaire Cityscape
Solitaire Fine Grain
Solitaire Miners Dust
Solitaire Pebble Walk
Solitaire Polished Silver
Solitaire Sky Glass
Solitaire Stonework
Solitaire Woven Reed
AnyWhere Bella Bronze
AnyWhere Bella Cinnamon
AnyWhere Winslow Bronze
AnyWhere Winslow Cinnamon
Taza Atmosphere
Taza Fine Grain
Taza Landmark
Taza Misty Dawn
Taza Plaza Taupe
Taza Silver Spruce
Taza Silverado
Taza Sweet Pink
Taza Violet
Taza Whisper
Lake Kentmere Black Forest
Lake Kentmere Sand
Lake Kentmere Silvermine
Lake Kentmere Teak