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Trellis & Lattice Pattern Area Rugs

Subtle or strong, always charming, there is nothing quite like a lattice or trellis area rug. Take a peek and think about where you could put one...

Trellis & Lattice Pattern Area Rugs

A lovely addition to any room, choose a trellis or lattice area rug. Neutrals, blues, greys and greens, find a lattice pattern rug or a trellis pattern rug that appeals to you.

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AnyWhere Winslow Cinnamon

AnyWhere Bella Cinnamon

AnyWhere Bella Bronze

AnyWhere Winslow Bronze

Madison Peristeel

Madison Crimson

Madison Cinder

Madison Alabaster

Tangier Tangine

Tangier Mosaic

Tangier Limbara

Pathway Aged Bronze

Pathway Graphite Pearl

Pathway Sandstone

Pathway Silvered Grey

Pathway Timber Dust

Pathway Canvas

Wool Sweet Wool Winsome

Wool Sweet Wool Wildfire

Wool Sweet Wool Shimmer

Wool Sweet Wool Timeless Day

Wool Sweet Wool Sahara

Wool Sweet Wool Rainy Beach

Wool Sweet Wool Moon River

Wool Sweet Wool Daiquiri

Wool Sweet Wool City Loft

Wool Sweet Wool Chocolate Chip

Promenade Burma

Promenade Delhi

Promenade Bengal

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