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Basket Weave Rugs

The texture of a basket weave rug can change the whole feel of a room. So why not ad texture to your room with a basket weave rug.

Basket Weave Rugs

From neutrals to blues to darker hues, a basket weave rug is perfect for a room. Basketweaving is an age-old tradition, and its look is a great addition to the pattern group. Choose from one or two-toned rugs and look at your room in a whole new way.

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Timbuktu Slate

Accra Straw

Taj Bengal Tan

Togo Aged Bronze

Togo Canvas

Togo Graphite Pearl

Togo Sandstone

Togo Silvered Grey

Togo Timber Dust

Taj Kolkata Natural

Taj Kochi Grey

Taj Kochi Tan