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Perfect Rug Q&A: Shannon Kaye Answers Your Design Questions

1. I want to bring color into my very, very beige room, any ideas?

There seems to be plenty of ³sameness² in your space, now itıs time to bring everything to life with contrast and color. Contrast adds depth, comfort, and variety to a bland room. Give bulky dark leather sofas a boost with lighter color, chunky texture rugs from the Mighty White or Nubby Neutral collections. I like Milano Mountain and Otto Prairie Tan. matched binding looks best on these choices to keep the focus on the texture.

Keep the idea of contrast in mind when choosing colors too! Pale taupe furniture becomes creamy against dark cool tones while deep brown pieces may require something on the lighter side to feel more welcoming.

Pair medium to light traditional furniture with more weighty rug choices like Shalimar Bombay or Shalimar Delhi. I like serged edges with these styles. Look at Spinach with the Bombay and Sandalwood with Deli.

For contemporary pieces look in the Well Tailored, Happy Modern.South Western collections has stylish colors and modern texture choices like Classico Flannel, Nibbana Setting Sun, or Mamma Mia. Choose a serged edge in similar colors for a polished finish.

2.We have a very busy family room, living in a coastal climate, I need something warm yet durable. We have two dogs and a three year old. Any suggestions?

You need texture, my friend! Look at hearty low profile rugs with lots of variation in touch and color. Look at Nubby Neutrals like Bubble Loop in Acorn or Bark with a serged edge in Straw. You might also like Karastan Grand Safari in Sawgrass with a matched binding to keep things simple.

3.Our home is very modern , I want something to tone down the coolness. My husband likes things bare, but I would love something cozy to walk on.

Injecting a bold dash of color or one simple pattern can add comfort to a modern space without cluttering up a minimal look. Try Bunty Grape, Legends Sienna, or Shangri-La Crimson Sun; all with matched binding for a clean finish.

4. We have transitioned to a very rustic home, I would love to make it a bit more "rustic modern" any ideas of how to incorporate it? I feel a bit more shabby than chic.

Simple gestures of texture or color will add casual warmth without making the room feel too ³crafty². Look in the Southwestern and Nubby Neutrals collections for muted tones in modern textures. For you, I like Born to Run All Spice, Palissandro Sienna, Donnington Banfield, and Otto Charcoal. Keep the edges simple with a matched binding or serged-edge in a similar tone to your rug choice.

5. We have a great room, Is there a good way to go about creating some separation and intimacy for our living space without breaking up the openness of the entire room?

Area rugs made to fit each space can add definition and continuity all at once! Use the same choice for each area or choose slight variations on a color or texture to further define each activity.

Gray Flannel works beautifully along side Urban Links Skyline Steel as does an unexpected combination like Twist and Shout Shimmy with Coffee Bean. For a more traditional mix, look at Diana Red Stone with Classico Bond Street serged in Regal.

6. I have a very large circular dining table, would a round rug still look OK? The room is square.

The beauty of the Perfect Rug is that you can create the best shape for your room and your furniture. In this case, Iıd choose a square or even a hexagonal rug to add create play between strong geometric shapes. If your dining room is connected to a living room, try adding a circular rug to your rectangular furniture to emphasize this contrast and have fun with geometric fabrics and accessories.

7. I'm just wondering if I can use a mixture of grass/sisal- style rugs in my home? or should they all be the same? I like the idea of mixing it up but don't want things to look 'wrong'.

You can absolutely mix sisal rugs together. Look for similarity in colors with variation in pattern or textures. Here are some combinations you might like:

-Marrakech Coffee with Agave Warm, Che (donıt know what this is) and Veracruz Palomino; all with a mitered canvas border in Arabia.

-Veracruz Bay with Sisal Panama Mangrove OR Sisal Panama Sawgrass with mitered canvas borders in Sand.

-Kyoto Glacier with Agave Superior Quarry bordered with a mitered canvas border in Bottle.

8. Any rug ideas for a baby's room that will double as a guest room?

Fortunately for you, babyıs rooms are looking more sophisticated these days. So look for muted neutrals that will work with your babyıs bright decorations. I like Woven Grass in Meadow, Madison Portico, and Bandal Abaca.

9. We've just created an outdoor room. I'd like a rug for under the table and one for under the seating area. should they be identical, just different sizes?

Great outdoor rooms enhance rather than compete with the al fresco experience, so Iıd select matching rugs to simply define these two areas without too much pomp and circumstance. I do still like a little contrast though so consider AnyWhere Delancey Bronze or Cinnamon, a simple pinstriped pattern that will work perfectly with bright solids and fancy florals alike.

10. I want a pattern but i don't like super traditional. I was thinking about a two-color pattern so that it still looks modern-ish?

For a truly modern approach, consider creating 2 rugs! Cozy up on thick pile style in the fall and winter bringing out more lightweight choices in the spring and summer. Try Woolridge Summer Salad for cooler months and Strand Oceanfront come Spring. Summery choices like Sisal Tiger Eye Taupe give way to Something So Right Silver Leaf when the days get shorter. And a room that can handle Safari My My My will look equally chic with Bora Bora Volcano with a matched canvas border. to keep the look finished and sophisticated.

11. I'm creating a whole new room for my teenage daughter. She wants something "cool" and I have no idea where to start.

For kidsı room you can afford to go trendy and have some fun. And the perfect rug can really set that tone. For starters, consider a fun shape like round or hexagonal then look for bold color and over the top texture. Funky Town Glacier Ice makes a daring statement AND works with any of your daughterıs favorite colors. Set a more traditional tone with Wool Sweet Wool Wildfire against a chic black and white scheme. Go a little wild with Here Kitty in Jaguar or just have crazy fun pairing Del Mar Orange Coast or Mamma Mia Rich Blue with clean white furniture bedding, natural wood furniture and her favorite posters.

12. I want a really nice looking rug for my living room. I like simple things but I want the quality to show. Something sophisticated for a mushroom/neutral palette. Any ideas?

For me nothing says luxe like thick sophisticated texture in gorgeous ³touch me² colors. Look at Woolridge Summer Sand, Bunty Rich Fawn, and Otto Prairie Tan. Add a serged border in a matching tone to minimize contrast, use Oregano or Tobacco, for a rich finish.