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Solid Color Area Rugs

Solid color rugs are both simple and noble especially in the right size.

We make it simple to get just the solid colored area rug you need by providing you choices and letting you decide what is best for your room. We are always here to offer advice. Solid color rugs can quiet an otherwise busy room or enhance a stately or modern monochromatic room.

Solid Color Area Rugs

Is your décor style busy and eclectic? Search our Solid Color area rug collection to find the perfect rug to add a touch of quiet to an otherwise busy room. Whether large or small find the solid color rug that will provide a modern finesse.

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Something New Aztec Sand

Something New Cloudburst

Something New Crystal Cream

Something New Library Pewter

Something New Rocky Grey

Something New Satin Ivory

Something New Banana Whip

Something New Beach Party

Something New Earl Grey

Something New Himalayan Mist

Something So Right Toasted Tan

Something So Right Flint Stone

Something So Right Balsam Fir

Select Boucle Natural

Cyprus Thatch

Cyprus Straw

Cyprus Lunar

Cyprus Deep Bronze

Cyprus Autumn

Island Colors Boucle Beige

Island Colors Boucle Charcoal Black

Island Colors Boucle Copper

Island Colors Boucle Ivory

Island Colors Boucle Light Brown

Island Colors Boucle Medium Grey

Island Colors Boucle Olive

Island Colors Boucle Silver Beige

Island Colors Boucle Straw

Island Colors Boucle Tan Mix

Mystery Lenox Tan

Mystery Midtown Grey

Milo Tusk

Milo Summer Bronze

Milo Sable

Milo Lunar

Milo Gunmetal

Milo Desert

Alfa Linen

Alfa Beige

Alfa Dusk

Alfa Brown

Beach Basics Woodland

Beach Basics Corkboard

Beach Basics Canyon Shade

AnyWhere Sakura Almond

Accra Teak

Martinique Bronze

Martinique Cobblestone

Martinique Dune