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Shag Rugs

Shag rugs bring back memories of the 70s but are just as fun today!

Who doesn't love shag rugs? Update your room instantly by adding a fun shag area rug to the mix. Go neutral cream or bright blue, but either way, GO! Our seemingly endless collection of shag rugs is sure to have the color you're looking for. Set the mood, make it fun.

Shag Rugs

We love shag rugs. Forget the 70s - we have a great selection of trendy and fun shag area rugs that will give your room the instant update it needs! Set the mood and make it fun.

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Beach Basics Woodland

Beach Basics Corkboard

Beach Basics Canyon Shade

La Passion Worn Leather

La Passion Spanish Tile

La Passion Legendary

La Passion Hammock

La Passion Botanical Garden

La Passion Blue Lagoon

Shaggy Bling Micro Grey

Shaggy Bling Black Marble

Shaggy Bling Fluffy White

Shaggy Bling Cattail

Shaggy Bling Eiffel Tower

Shaggy Bling Artic Dawn

Shaggy Luxe Buff

Shaggy Luxe Eclipse

Shaggy Luxe Ivory

Shaggy Luxe Lightening

Shaggy Luxe Pebble

Shaggy Luxe Sel De Mar

Shaggy Luxe Walnut

Shaggy Posh Beachwood

Shaggy Posh Ivory

Shaggy Posh Silver

Shaggy Posh Mink

Shaggy Posh Bleach White

Shaggy Posh Mineral

Shaggy Shimmer Charcoal

Shaggy Shimmer Ivory

Shaggy Shimmer Lustrous Beige

Shaggy Shimmer Silver

Shangri La Sondra

Shangri La Manchu

Shangri La Lama

Shangri La Eden

Shangri La Crimson Sunset

Shangri La Baskel

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