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River Stones

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Another way to shop is to look at our collections. We've put all of our white rugs in one collection called Mighty Whites. You can shop for nothing but rich white rugs in this category. Or, you can see a variety of pastels in Soft Surroundings. Looking for something tailored for an office? Or what about adding some texture to your neutral rug? Click on one of the options to your left to see a collection of our favorite rugs.

River Stones

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Something So Right Harbour Fog

Something So Right Balsam Fir

Believe Coastal Plain

Etchware Oasis Tan

Beach Basics Woodland

Beach Basics Nocturne

Beach Basics Forest Glen

Beach Basics Deep Slate

Beach Basics Corkboard

Beach Basics Canyon Shade

Intriga Colors Skylark

Intriga Colors Grey Flannel

Intriga Colors Brushmark

Intriga Colors Basil

La Passion Botanical Garden

La Passion Blue Lagoon

Woven Grassland Meadow Pine

Woven Grassland Charcoal Jute

Grand Safari Cloudless Sky

Madison Peristeel

Madison Cinder

Super Chic Last Dance

Zanzibar Impressions Cypress

Nibbana Shalimar

Nibbana Pine Forest

Nibbana Peak

Wool Sweet Wool Rainy Beach

Wool Sweet Wool Moon River

My My My Rich Menthe

My My My Lotus

Legends Avocado

Shangri La Lama

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