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Performance Area Rugs

High performance rugs are durable for years.

When you are looking for a high performance rug that can withstand the rough and tumble of a family or pets, look no further. Many are even made from recycled materials to earn the best possible green rating. There is simply an enormous variety of style and construction for the toughest rugs available.

Performance Area Rugs

Life happens. People forget to take their shoes off before walking in your home, you have children, and your dog tracks in mud after being outside. The Wear and Performance area rug collection will withstand the elements of daily activity.

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Del Sur Vintage Gold

Del Sur Crushed Ice

Cameo Ash Gray

Cameo Chili Pepper

Cameo Euro Linen

Cameo Fine Grain

Cameo Fresh Grown

Cameo Harbor City

Cameo Miners Dust

Cameo Patina Creek

Cameo Pebble Walk

Cameo Stonework

Cameo Supernova

Cameo Urbana

Del Sur Blue Agave

Del Sur Cameo

Del Sur Cashmere Sweater

Del Sur Chinchilla

Del Sur Cinnamon Stick

Del Sur Dolphin

Del Sur Ivory Oats

Del Sur Skyline Steel

Del Sur Spiced Berry

Del Sur Urban Putty

Del Sur Verona Beach

Solitaire Ash Grey

Solitaire Birch

Solitaire Cityscape

Solitaire Fine Grain

Solitaire Miners Dust

Solitaire Pebble Walk

Solitaire Polished Silver

Solitaire Sky Glass

Solitaire Stonework

Solitaire Woven Reed

Cameo Melted Copper

La Sirena Skyline Steel

La Sirena Blue Agave

La Sirena Cameo

La Sirena Cashmere Sweater

La Sirena Chinchilla

La Sirena Cinnamon Stick

La Sirena Crushed Ice

La Sirena Dolphin

La Sirena Ivory Oats

La Sirena Spiced Berry

La Sirena Urban Putty

La Sirena Verona Beach

La Sirena Vintage Gold