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Patterned Rugs: Patterned Area Rug

Patterned Area Rugs

Tailored lines, animal prints, patterned rugs are here to stay.

Creating an interesting room involves a careful balance of furniture, furnishings and of course, the right rug. Make a statement and have your room "pop" with a patterned rug. From natural patterns to animal prints, we have every colored patterned area rug you need. Give your room the extra touch of pattern that brings everything together.

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Cameroon Natural
Calypso Natural
Mountainside Macadamia
Biscayne Natural
Kalo Natural
Cyprus Natural
Amazon Natural
Urban Links Newsprint
Urban Links Skyline Steel
Magellan Natural
Pergola Arbor Tan
Pergola Dutch Beige
Pergola Pearl
Believe Honey Brickle
Believe Straw
Believe Summer Grain
Believe Wood Tone
With Love Cinnabar
With Love Coastal Plain
With Love Honey Brickle
With Love Straw
With Love Summer Grain
With Love Wood Tone
Etchware Bearskin
Etchware Brickhouse
Etchware Fernbank
Etchware Oasis Tan
Etchware Pale Porcelain