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Indoor Outdoor Rugs

Make your outdoor space an outdoor room with the addition of our Indoor Outdoor rugs.

With the right elements, you can create a perfect outdoor room ideal for entertaining or just getting comfortable on your own. Define the space with an indoor outdoor rug and suddenly it feels complete. All indoor outdoor rugs needs are different, and that's part of why we created theperfectrug.com Our indoor outdoor rugs are available in a variety of patterns and colors. Pick one out and transform your outdoor space today.

Indoor Outdoor Rugs

Establish the perfect entertaining space with one of our area rugs found in the Indoor Outdoor collection. Choose anything from Timbuktu Balsa to Retro Wodstock.

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Art Brickstone

Mystery Lenox Tan

Art Lenox Tan

Art Midtown Grey

Mystery Midtown Grey

Retro Lenox Tan

Retro Midtown Grey

Retro Woodstock

Trend Lenox Tan

Trend Midtown Grey

Trend Woodstock

AnyWhere Sakura Almond

Martinique Bronze

Martinique Cobblestone

Martinique Dune

Martinique Pewter

St. Kitts Bronze

St. Kitts Cobblestone

St. Kitts Dune

St. Kitts Pewter

AnyWhere Winslow Cinnamon

AnyWhere Sakura Dune

AnyWhere Madagascar Teak

AnyWhere Madagascar Palm

AnyWhere Madagascar Straw

AnyWhere Madagascar Nutmeg

AnyWhere Madagascar Seagrass

AnyWhere Madagascar Sisal

AnyWhere Bella Cinnamon

AnyWhere Bella Bronze

AnyWhere Sakura Teak

AnyWhere Sakura Lemongrass

AnyWhere Suzano Palm

AnyWhere Suzano Teak

AnyWhere Suzano Sisal

AnyWhere Trade Winds Seagrass

AnyWhere Trade Winds Sisal

AnyWhere Tunisia Dune

AnyWhere Tunisia Teak

AnyWhere Tunisia Almond

AnyWhere Tunisia Nutmeg

AnyWhere Viewpoint Seagrass

AnyWhere Viewpoint Sisal

AnyWhere Winslow Bronze

Tulum Balsa

Tulum Seagrey

Tulum Cedar

Timbuktu Balsa

Timbuktu Seagrey