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Neutral Area Rugs

From beige to greige, there's a reason neutral colored rugs are so popular.

Now, get the perfect sized neutral area rug to go with your hand-selected material choice. Large, small square or round we ship most of our neutral rugs within just a few days of receiving your order.

Neutral Area Rugs

Timeless and striking, neutral area rugs can perfectly tie a room together. From Kalo Natural to Pergola Arbor Tan, our wide variety of neutral colored rugs and tones will allow you to find the perfect area rug for your home!

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Cameroon Natural

Senegal Natural

Calypso Natural

Mountainside Macadamia

Biscayne Natural

Kalo Natural

Cyprus Natural

Something So Right Toasted Tan

Something So Right Sunlit

Something So Right Custard

Something So Right Balsam Fir

Something So Right Autumn Crisp

Cyprus Thatch

Cyprus Straw

Cyprus Lunar

Cyprus Deep Bronze

Cyprus Autumn

Amazon Natural

Select Boucle Natural

Samburu Natural

Urban Links Newsprint

Island Colors Boucle Beige

Island Colors Boucle Charcoal Black

Island Colors Boucle Copper

Island Colors Boucle Ivory

Island Colors Boucle Light Brown

Island Colors Boucle Medium Grey

Island Colors Boucle Olive

Island Colors Boucle Silver Beige

Island Colors Boucle Straw

Island Colors Boucle Tan Mix

Magellan Natural

Pergola Arbor Tan

Pergola Dutch Beige

Pergola Pearl

Believe Summer Grain

Believe Straw

Etchware Softened Suede

Etchware Oasis Tan

Etchware Pale Porcelain

Astute Friendly Tan

Astute Traveler Brown

Mayan Riviera Panama Mountain Ash

Mayan Riviera Panama Rye

Mayan Riviera Panama Sahara Sun

Sail On Whisper

Milo Tusk

Milo Summer Bronze

Milo Sable