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Modern Area Rugs

Another way to shop for the perfect modern rug!

Another way to shop is to look at our collections. We've put all of our Modern rugs in one collection. You can shop for nothing but rich modern area rugs in this category. Looking for something tailored for an office? Or what about adding some texture to your modern rug? Click on one of the options to your left to see a collection of our favorite area rugs.

Modern Area Rugs

Our Happy Modern area rug collection fits any chic décor style. This collection features bright and eye-catching colors like Wool Sweet Wool Daiquiri and Shangri La Crimson Sunset.

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La Passion Worn Leather

La Passion Legendary

La Passion Hammock

Wool Sweet Wool Daiquiri

Shangri La Sondra

Shangri La Manchu

Shangri La Eden

Shangri La Crimson Sunset

Milano Peppered Moss

Milano Peat

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