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Another way to shop is to look at our collections. We've put all of our white rugs in one collection called Mighty Whites. You can shop for nothing but rich white rugs in this category. Or, you can see a variety of pastels in Soft Surroundings. Looking for something tailored for an office? Or what about adding some texture to your neutral rug? Click on one of the options to your left to see a collection of our favorite rugs.


We take colors into consideration. We take décor styles into consideration. Essentially, we created a one-stop shopping section that caters to your area rug needs.

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Nibbana Setting Sun

Nibbana Pine Forest

Nibbana Peak

Taj Kolkata Natural

Bond Street Vanilla

Bond Street Sand

Bond Street Mustang

Bond Street Bamboo

Sunsation Summertime

Sunsation Sweet Breeze

Sunsation Melody

Sunsation Morning Sky

Sunsation French Garden

Sunsation Bouquet

Sunburst Summertime

Sunburst Morning Sky

Sunburst Bouquet

San Marco Square Terrace Sage

San Marco Square Piazza

San Marco Square Murano Glass

San Marco Square La Creme

San Marco Square Golden Venetian

San Marco Square Cathedral Shadow

San Marco Square Cafe Florian

Taj Kochi Grey

Taj Kochi Tan

Gallantry Oak

Gallantry Ivory

Wool Sweet Wool Winsome

Wool Sweet Wool Wildfire

Wool Sweet Wool Shimmer

Wool Sweet Wool Timeless Day

Wool Sweet Wool Rainy Beach

Wool Sweet Wool Moon River

Wool Sweet Wool Daiquiri

Wool Sweet Wool City Loft

Wool Sweet Wool Chocolate Chip

Legends Universal Grey

Legends Touch of Teal

Legends Topaz

Legends Sizzle

Legends Sienna

Legends Henna

Legends Cranberry Grape

Legends Chocolate

Legends Cachet Cream

Legends Blushing

Legends Blue Mist

Legends Avocado